When we hear of the word “emotions” or think of this, we tend to associate it with sadness, gloom, broken hearts and it is often seen as a weakness in one’s personality. It is often known to act as a roadblock in the pathway of true knowledge and action as it is perceived to make one weak, be irrational and delay decisions. Even in the personal space, emotions have lost their charm owing to the unending play and drama. Eventually, one ends up shutting their hearts towards any emotional exposure out of a fear of getting affected.

What if emotions could help tap into the higher consciousness and become a means of strength and pave way for the flowers of relationships to a full bloom of harmony.

Positive emotions energise, they make every experience far rich and intense. These emotions are in essence energy in motion and they move the heart, thereby making actions effortless. Purest emotions reveal a profound delight which is pure and exquisite, and that is its sole inspiration. It uses the power of emotions to navigate, without giving in to external stimuli. These deepest emotions rise from the soul of pure love and delight. Psychic emotion is not just one of the most powerful means of our inner progress, but also one of the nearest one to the Divine. Emotions are in fact indispensable to our integral progress, as love and devotion can only manifest in the presence of the emotional being.

Here is a short video by Palak on “Why do Emotions Matter?”

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