• Our body is a vehicle carrying us to fulfill our true purpose in life. Awakening or rediscovering the purpose, allowing it to flood your mind, body and emotions with its intelligence, guidance, calmness and strength is the principle process of Integral Health.
  • Eating consciously consuming fresh and natural foods to keep the body healthy.
  • Embracing an integrally healthy lifestyle is not only beneficial for an individual, but also for the welfare of the society and ecosystem.
  • Sunlight is a natural remedy that can uplift your spirits, increase your energy and heal your body. Express your gratitude for a new day, a new opportunity to live and experience the joy of life as you begin your day with Saluting the Sun. Suryanamaskar, or Sun Salutation, is a combination of 12 Asanas that will energise and harmonise your energy flow.
  • Sleep is an extremely important element that affects our very functioning. It is the time when the body repairs and restores itself.
  • There is an inner voice in you waiting to talk to you. All you have to do is silence the noise caused by your desires and mind’s doubts and listen to this voice. Give a few minutes to this silent voice that speaks the purpose of your life.
  • Connecting and calling to this deeper most part in us to organise everything in a harmonious manner. Having this inner flame in the background for all our activities- like eating, exercising, resting.
  • Illness is a symptom of disharmony in your being. When one has a concrete purpose of life, something which they feel is worth living and striving for, their drive to come out of illness will be stronger, which will enable them to overcome illness faster.

Here is the recording of the webinar on “Cultivating Integral Health” with Dr. Alok Pandey

Introducing the Theme for April - Emotions

We will be exploring “Emotions” for the whole month of April. Everyday we are face to face with a range of emotions, some uplift us, some drift us away from our true purpose. We will look deep into ourselves to see some triggers that make us act in a certain way. Where are these triggers coming from? How do we purify our emotions and use it to propel our growth? From this Monday onwards we begin delving deep into our emotional world.

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