We are often blinded by an overwhelming flow of vital emotions. For us to understand our truest emotions, it is essential that we establish a settled silence and calm within, and only then will we take a step ahead on the path of our growth and progress.

Let us make this Thursday, our Thurs-date, a date with ourselves. Find a silent corner in the house and clean the area. Play a soft meditative music, close your eyes and concentrate for a few minutes. As the mind starts becoming silent, slowly start gazing at the voice of your heart. You might find a hidden emotion in the heart present there without your knowledge. Make a note of it, observe it, it’s origin, witness it’s journey. Remember, you are just an observer, make sure not to judge, not to analytically analyze, simply observe. As we go and trace the birth of these emotions, we will notice how these are mere responses to situations based on our prior experiences and very seldom they are truly responses originating from a deeper space.

The very first step is to become aware of these impurities in the emotions we experience day in and day out.

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