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The Role of Your Emotional Being

Your emotional being can help tap into the higher consciousness, become a means of strength and pave the way for the flowers of relationships to bloom into harmony.

Emotions are indispensable to our integral progress, as love and devotion can only manifest in the presence of the emotional being. Purest emotions reveal a profound delight which is pure and exquisite, and that is its sole inspiration. It uses the power of emotions to navigate, without giving in to external stimuli. These deepest emotions rise from the soul of pure love and delight.

Purity of Emotions

Emotions, as we know them, are mere responses to external triggers, whether a physical or a mental one. It is the surface consciousness in us that gives birth to these waves of reactions and responses.

In our path of transformation, it is only the purest emotions that hold our hands and carry us ahead in the path. This is the life force, under the influence of our innermost being. These purest emotions are the emotions turned solely towards the Divine

Purifying your Emotional Being

Imagine loving someone with all your heart - we tend to carry expectations, have an attachment that eventually becomes possessiveness and if love is not reciprocated, end up further degrading to fear and anger and further to hatred. Emotions in their truest form are the abundant source of light and delight. It is only due to degradation that emotions of jealousy, anger, fear, attachment, hatred, etc take birth.

It is of utmost importance that we do not associate or identify ourselves with such negative emotions. Our outlook should be pragmatic and we must look at our impulses from afar. Once we start observing these from a distance, we can easily identify how our mind itself is creating a mirage in the form of a story that might not even exist in the first place. This awareness in itself is like equipping oneself with the sole control over their emotions and how we would want to “feel” at a particular time. In all circumstances, we should seek to establish a state of deep calm and quiet. Calmness in the heart and silence in the mind are imperative for purifying one’s emotional being. Connecting to music, art and poetry that have the potential to touch and transform our inner selves, is also a way to purify one’s emotional being.

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Here Are Three Videos on Embracing and Refining Emotions:

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