Integral Education was developed by the Mother and Sri Aurobindo to prepare humanity for an evolutionary transformation to embody a divine consciousness and divine life upon earth. We are forming a community of integral education practitioners to learn from each other and grow together. This is the Integral Education Portal. Join us if you are inspired!

For the past year, from August 15th, 2020, each month was dedicated to a particular theme or topic. We shared content twice a week - a short and sweet descriptive text along with a video on the topic was shared on Mondays, and a Practice of the Week was shared on Thursdays for readers to experience the essence of the topic. The content shared is in simple words that can be understood by all and takes less than ten minutes to consume.

The Integral Education Portal was born on August 15th, 2020, which coincides with India’s Independence Day and Sri Aurobindo’s birthday. As we complete a year, we would like to share a snapshot of each topic that was covered. From August 1st, 2021 to August 15th, 2021 we are sharing one summary each day, which briefly touches on the key points of one topic that was covered.

Please do read, reflect, feel and share your experiences and practices that have worked for you. Click here to read the newsletter. Stay tuned for the first summary on Gratitude, which releases on Monday, 3rd August, 2021.

Our Deep Gratitude

We sincerely thank our subscribers, volunteers and facilitators who have contributed to Integral Education Portal.

Core team: Divyanshi, Manoj, Archana, Palak and Nandita

Anchoring and Initiative: Divyanshi and Manoj

Content Writing: Nandita, Helen, Archana, Kamini, Pooja and Priya

Editing: Archana

Images: Archana, Kamini, Pooja, Palak and Nandita

Video Content: Divyanshi, Palak, Shivakumar, Arul, Anahita, Alok da, Dr. Sampadananda Mishra, Manoj and Riddhi

Video Editing: Surya, Raghav, Bijal and Archana

Infographics: Shama, Bindu, Kabita, Raam, Pooja, Nandita

Social Media Management: Raam, Ritu and Palak (Facebook, Instagram and Twitter)

Scheduling Newsletters: Divyang

The Idea of Tiny Newsletters: Hiteshree and Mahesh

Humility and Gratitude Whatsapp Groups: Archana and Palak

Summer School where several Integral Education Portal members participated: Aayushi, Hiteshree, Utsav, Drishti and Sidra

Topic-wise significance of flowers: Maitreyee and to All students of Svadhyaya who have created the IE Wiki, the source website with compilations and summaries from the works of Sri Aurobindo and The Mother.

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