Swadharma is one of our core flagship programs. It is a 5 weeks intense learning journey for the youth of the world to discover themselves and find their true calling.

To create space in Swadharma for those with meagre means but high capacity and aspiration, we invite you to generously donate towards enabling two students to participate in Swadharma 10.

We aim to make a sacred offering of 2 scholarships worth Rs. 80,000 towards Swadharma Scholarships for Cohort 10 by the 15th of August, that is the birthday of Sri Aurobindo.

With the community’s support, until now, we have received a generous Rs. 50,000 approximately donated by 22 people so far and want to use this message to share the momentum we have created thanks to the community and our friends. Let us keep the momentum going and do our bit.

Do contribute whatever is possible as nothing is too little or too much and all that is given in the spirit of offering is humbly received.

About Swadharma: www.swadharma.auroville.org.in

Donation Gateway Link:


Please mention 'SSF' in your donation description to help us collate the donations in a smoother manner.

The donations collected last year were able to help a participant in Swadharma 9. Let us aspire to do the same for future participants of Swadharma 10.


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