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The Role of Courage in Transformation

When courage arises from the core of one’s being, one can open up and experience life to the fullest. Facing one’s fears is an extremely important aspect of transformation, which comes up at some time or the other during one’s life. The absence of courage is the presence of fear, which constricts and shrinks one’s consciousness. Courage enables us to explore and express the meaning and truth of our being.

Courage in Your Different Parts

Courage is a total absence of fear in all of its forms.  However, it is not based on rashness. It has its seat in calmness.

Courage can exist in the following three domains of an individual:

  • Physical courage involves a certain stability and tranquillity in one’s very cells, nerves and heartbeat. One who is not intimidated and can act calmly and rationally in the face of physical fear is said to have courage in the body.
  • Holding courage in the mind involves keeping the mind calm and quiet,open to the unknown and new ideas, allowing a greater force to pervade it and rejecting the doubts and ‘what ifs’ that creep in.
  • Courage in one’s life-energy involves overcoming fear, the ego’s falsehood and opening to higher forces with faith and a will to act courageously.

Courage Beyond the Ego

We are most often trapped in the littleness of our own ego. We define ourselves and others by our opinions, priorities and preferences. We see the differences between us and others, and fight to defend our ego. This needs to change. Seeing oneself as an expression of the innermost being, widening ourselves beyond petty differences and giving oneself for a collective cause is the key to progress. True courage stems from a deep inner space with love and faith. Overcoming the ego ensures that a false sense of courage does not flare up in one’s personal defence.

Challenges on the Path of Courage

Three of the most common challenges are:

  • Doubts. Doubts are expressed by the mind. Doubts pretend to be an honest-truth seeker and continue to doubt even when convinced. They are fuelled by fear that one may not even be aware of.
  • Illness. A disease or illness in the physical is a sign of disharmony in the cells. It is a vicious cycle that causes and is caused by a deteriorating willpower.
  • Diabolical Suggestions. Sometimes a random thought or feeling that is very unlike us grips us. These may deter us from acting courageously or at the very least, distract us from the path of progress.

The method to overcome these is to keep oneself connected to one’s deeper aspiration, be vigilant and reject unnecessary deterrents at the thought or energy level, before they make one jump into action.

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