Have you ever felt stagnated or indecisive because of fear of taking the next step? Do you have ideas but you’re not able to move into action because of fear?

Courage is the ability to act in spite of fear.

Courage is an essential quality that is required for both inner transformation and outer progress.

Invoking courage brings forth the warrior spirit in us. This helps us meet challenges with confidence. One must ensure that the motive of a courageous act comes from a space of deep love and the power of truth.

Facing one’s fears is an extremely important aspect of transformation, which comes up at some time or the other during one’s life. Courage and an unalterable confidence are necessary to eliminate all fear. Courage helps one march forward in life without getting stagnated due to fear.

Difficulties may emerge either from within us or externally. Courage is needed to confront these difficulties, recognise and deal with such difficulties.

While on a chosen path, there will be obstacles. To overcome these, endurance, patience, courage and an untiring goodwill are necessary in order to overcome these obstacles.

Courage and faith go hand-in-hand, and their presence can vanquish any adverse forces and bring help when required. When an indomitable courage and unflinching faith is felt in each and every cell in the body, it flows in actions and words.

When courage arises from the core of one’s being, one can open up and experience life to the fullest. The absence of courage is the presence of fear, which constricts and shrinks one’s consciousness. Courage enables us to explore and express the meaning and truth of our being.

In this video, Riddhi discusses this concept and talks about how being courageous can make a difference in your life.

Here is a video on “Why Courage Matters?” by Riddhi.

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