Sometimes we refrain from doing certain physical activities due to fear or a bad experience in our past. For example, a woman who got badly hurt while riding a bicycle as a child may not ride one for her entire life. By attempting to ride a bicycle again, she invokes courage. Similarly we can invoke courage in the body by confronting our fears and performing an activity that is courageous for us at an individual level.

The first step is to identify areas that require transformation. Few examples are:

  • Avoiding certain places like specific rooms, backyards, certain public spaces, routes
  • Avoiding certain activities like sports, hiking

The second step is to break the fear courageously and put oneself in the situation that they avoid. Being physically present or involving the body to perform an act of courage invokes courage in the cells of the body. It gives a sense of liberation.

However, this is not an excuse to be careless or put oneself or others in a dangerous situation. One must be sensible and ensure that there is no severe threat to one’s health or safety.

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