One of the most important yet often ignored ingredients in our daily intake is sunlight. Sunlight was one of the key inputs for life to first emerge on our planet, and it continues to be an indispensable source of energy for almost all living creatures on the surface of the earth.

Humans need sunlight to stay healthy as it vitalises our bodies, gives us energy to function, aids in releasing the chemicals we need to stay physically and mentally healthy. Lack of sunlight contributes to Vitamin D deficiency, which in turn contributes to depression, improper digestion and other health issues. It is therefore extremely important to expose yourself to adequate sunlight.

Here is a video on the benefits and ways of absorbing sunlight:

Mid-week Practice: Sun Salutation

Every morning, greet your dear friend who gives you life, food and much more. Express your gratitude for a new day, a new opportunity to live and experience the joy of life as you begin your day with Saluting the Sun. Suryanamaskar, or Sun Salutation, is a combination of 12 Asanas that will energise and harmonise your energy flow. There are many online guides on the proper way of performing Suryanamaskar. Doing it in the direct morning sunlight will amplify its benefits. Start with 3 times, which will take only a few minutes, and gradually increase the number of times. Try to reach 5 or 6 times by the end of the week. Continue the practice everyday and increase the number of times week-on-week such that you practice Suryanamaskar for a minimum of 12 times everyday.

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