Illness is a symptom of disharmony in your being. Re-establishing the balance within you will help you regain good health.

Faith is an excellent healer, however it is difficult to have unflinching, strong, consistent faith in something that we cannot perceive using the five senses, as we live in a highly mentalised world. There is nothing wrong with this, however the so-called ‘pure reason’ based on observing sensory information does not give scope for even acknowledging or exploring the presence of forces beyond its rudimentary ability to understand.

It is important to have a good state of mind, which is open to inputs that are beyond the comprehending capacity of the rational mind that doubts, criticises and jumps to conclusions, before experiencing something. We must be open to what we don’t yet know or understand.

Coming out of illness also depends on one’s drive to live. When one has a concrete purpose of life, something which they feel is worth living and striving for, their drive to come out of illness will be stronger, which will enable them to overcome illness faster.

Imagination is a powerful tool, which can be used to break free from the prison of the senses and heal oneself. One can visualise white light descending into their body, healing and nurturing them. Combining this with repeating positive affirmations can work wonders.

The body is the symbol of that true inner light. One must strive to bring that inner perfection to the external body as well.

Have faith, keep an open mind, have a purpose or drive to be healthy, and repeatedly imagine that you are at your best of health.

Practice of the Week: Connect to a Reservoir of Energy

Last week we saw how to connect to our innermost self. This week let us connect to peace and light. Just sit silently, allowing your thoughts and emotions to slide away, making space for you to invoke and receive higher energies. Call upon peace in a loving way with humility and remain patiently open to it. Allow yourself to be soaked in peace. Feel the descent of a light, soothing, joyful substance into your body, being, various organs, senses, and inner experiences. Peace brings harmony which can remove the fundamental cause of illness. You can also visualise a bright light entering your body and filling all your parts. Repeat the exercise regularly and you will find that your body becomes stronger with time.

Here is a short video by Dr. Alok Pandey on “Integral Healing”

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