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What is Integral Health?

Integral Health focuses on the well-being of your mind, body and emotions, their maintenance, practices to ensure that they remain healthy and receptive, and enable us to live the greater purpose of our life, which is known by your innermost being.

Somewhere deep within you, lies hidden the potential to harmonise all the other parts of your being. Awakening or rediscovering this innermost part, allowing it to flood your mind, body and emotions with its intelligence, guidance, calmness and strength is the principle process of Integral Health.

Integral Health is a state of total harmony, both within oneself and one’s parts of being, and also in our coexistence with our environment.

The Need for Embracing an Integral Approach

To be truly healthy, disease-free, happy and energetic, we must embrace an approach that is integral. Our hearts can open, our senses can get refined and we can have the joy of living in all that we do every single day, and our mind can function clearly. Embracing an integrally healthy lifestyle is not only beneficial for an individual, but also for the welfare of the society and ecosystem.

Each of us have a sense of purpose and something unique that gives us meaning in life. Focusing on and working towards this requires a harmonious state of being, on which Integral Health is conceived.  If the body is sick, most of one’s energy goes towards maintaining the body and addressing the sickness, and there is little to no energy left for spiritual progress. If the mind is not seasoned, if we are slaves of addictions, if we let our emotions sweep us off, we may end up straying far away from our deeper journey, which lies deep within us, waiting to be discovered.

Integral Living

A healthy mind-energy-body combination is only an instrument for something greater. The core of integral living is to find an aim in life.  A life that has no purpose is like a leaf being randomly blown around in the wind.

One must always ask themselves: Which direction am I going in? Where am I supposed to reach? Asking these questions will bring you closer to your life’s purpose. A healthy body, life-energy and mind are helpful tools to realise and live our purpose.

Connect to your inner light and allow your purpose to flower through a healthy body, life-energy and mind. This way, when the time comes, one can greet death like an old friend and gracefully transition to the next stage, knowing that they lived their lives integrally.

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Here Are Five Informative Videos on Integral Health:

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