Sometimes we shy away from speaking the truth in fear of judgement. We may even come up with deliberate little lies to cover up so that we don’t have to cut a sorry figure. We may not want to hurt another person’s feelings or wish to avoid a confrontation that can be uncomfortable for us. We may feel that disagreeing with someone may lead to a fight and politely nod our heads even as we say ‘No!’ within. These are normalised and seen as ways of survival in today’s world.

However these harmless little lies prevent us from acknowledging, embracing and putting our authentic self forward. They shrink our consciousness and reinforce fear. It is time to break free.

Here are a few ways to be courageous in conversations:

  • The next time you are in a situation where you feel you ‘just have to’ lie, stop and ask yourself whether it is absolutely necessary (a life is at stake if you don’t lie!). If not, do not lie. Express what you feel politely and calmly.
  • Do not make up excuses for things that you missed. Mention the truth. This will also help you in being authentic to yourself and not procrastinating, so that you can finish things on time.
  • Stand up for what you believe in without hurting others. If you are in a situation where you need to share your opinion or agree to disagree, don’t shy away from it. Express it in a healthy and respectful manner.

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