To face boldly whatever one fears with courage is the method to defeat fear. It is only when one confronts what one fears that the fear loses its power.

The key to overcoming fear is vigilance. With the power of vigilance, we can increase our awareness which would help us in recognizing a wrong choice or a wrong path, before we take a decision. It is only by vigilance that we can stay alert and observe the various forces acting on us.

Next, we see that we are most often trapped in the littleness of our own ego. We define ourselves and others by our opinions, priorities and preferences. We see the differences between us and others, and fight to defend our ego. This needs to change. Seeing oneself as an expression of the innermost being, widening ourselves beyond petty differences and giving oneself for a collective cause is the key to progress. True courage stems from a deep inner space with love and faith. Overcoming the ego ensures that a false sense of courage does not flare up in one’s personal defence.

Faith is another approach to embodying courage & eliminating fear out of our being. To have faith in the Divine, and acknowledge that it is the Divine guiding your life, is the fastest route to driving fear away. When one has absolute faith, fear vanishes.  

Reason is another method through which one can be courageous. If one has a strong mind, then one can use one's mental faculty to explain to the parts in one's being that experience fear, that there is no need to be afraid. Courage can be in a passive form where no peril or no suffering.

Whosoever has courage can give courage to others, just like a candle can give its flame to other candles. In this video, a bold and courageous woman talks about her life and journey, from which we can seek inspiration and build courage in ourselves.

Here is a video that can awaken courage within you. Case study - Uma Prajapati

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