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The Strength of Love

Love can widen your heart and mind, enabling the hardness of what separates you from others to melt away. Pure love brings sweetness and joy through oneness - a perfect union with everyone and everything in the universe.

True Love

When we see or hear the word ‘love’, we may associate it with people who are very dear to us. While love may exist in normal interpersonal relationships, it is often tainted by anger, jealousy, pride, passion, desires, expectations, limiting belief systems or the surface heart’s need for affection.

Pure love gives itself and asks for nothing in return. It is the love we give unconditionally and unreservedly from within, rather than the love we receive.

Pure love is an intense, irresistible force that flows through us, calling us to discover our oneness with all other beings and the universe itself.

Opening to Love

Opening oneself to true love begins by seeking and seeing joy in self-giving and expressions of love to others. The experience is complete in itself and there is no expectation or anticipation or even a thought that your act of love has to be reciprocated.

For example, if you love a God, you may sing a song or offer flowers at their feet. However, if you do it with the intention that you should be blessed with more money or a better job, it is not true and pure love.

In relationships, you can practice true love by giving yourself without expecting anything in return or without any selfish, ulterior motive.

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