Emotions as we know them, are mere responses to external triggers, whether a physical or a mental one. It is the surface consciousness in us that gives birth to these waves of reactions and responses. These responses often have a factor of historic habits, emotive memory or any previous incidence that we have experienced in the past. Unfortunately this comes as a result of the presence of impurities and subsequent degradation of the pure emotions.

These responses are not driven by necessity, nor a law, nor is there an obligation to give in to any impact. In our path of transformation, it is only the purest emotions that hold our hands and carry us ahead in the path. This is the life force, under the influence of our innermost being. These purest emotions are the emotions turned solely towards the Divine, seeking the ultimate abundance of Bliss, Peace and Love, which is its sole purpose.

With this intention, there is nothing that remains impossible anymore. Various seemingly distant possibilities open up, the vision is no more convoluted, the heart expands and the heart no more carries any doubt.

Here is a short video by Palak on “What are Emotions?”

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