When we mention the word ‘discipline’, some imagery of negative enforcement is not uncommon. Harsh strictness or force, either from within or outside, do not uphold the spirit of discipline. Knowledge, intelligence, thoughts and emotions are facilitators of discipline. True discipline comes from the core of your being, which can harmonise all other parts. Discipline is showing loyalty to the flame of aspiration that burns at your core and allowing it to shine.

Being disciplined involves not allowing the body, emotions or mind to run according to their own fancy, without harmony and order.

Discipline is not merely creating timetables and tracking one’s progress in adhering to them. It is being in alignment with our inmost being and tackling the challenges posed by the nature of our mind, body and emotions. When we do this, we live our truth.

Discipline is not something limiting; it liberates you from the friction caused by the non-pliable nature of the body, constantly jumping nature of the mind and the strong influence of senses, desires and emotions.

Discipline is a joyful dance to bring out the truth of the inmost being.

The Practice of the Week:

Last week we focused on doing one or two specific, simple tasks to inculcate discipline. The tasks involved decluttering, cleaning and beautifying physical spaces.

We can extrapolate this concept to a broader concept like maintaining a house if we are disciplined in doing the smaller bits that make up the bigger picture.

Focus on an aspiration that you have. Break down this broader vision that you wish to work towards, into bite-sized activities. Begin to incorporate one activity that spans 3 to 5 minutes into your routine.

This way discipline fans the flame of aspiration.

Discipline, Honouring a Chosen Path - a 4 minute video by Arul Dev

On discipline as honouring of the chosen path, embodying the essence of the chosen practice fully, in its own terms.

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