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Discipline Aids in Manifesting Goals

Discipline liberates us from being slaves to inertia, emotional reactivity and our monkey-minds. It allows the truth from within us to be expressed through these layers and helps us achieve our goals.

We have different parts of our being, which are generally not in agreement with one another. It is like a group of people who have different personalities, agendas and natures, competing to be the leader. Discipline aids in moulding these parts so that they can work cohesively to facilitate manifesting the aspiration which is at the core of one’s being. By being disciplined we confirm in ourselves the truth of our inner being.

The Joy of Discipline

When we mention the word ‘discipline’, some imagery of negative enforcement is not uncommon. Harsh strictness or force, either from within or outside, do not uphold the spirit of discipline. Knowledge, intelligence, thoughts and emotions are facilitators of discipline. True discipline comes from the core of your being, which can harmonise all other parts. Discipline is showing loyalty to the flame of aspiration that burns at your core and allowing it to shine.

Being disciplined involves not allowing the body, emotions or mind to run according to their own fancy, without harmony and order.

Discipline is a joyful dance to bring out the truth of the inmost being.

Beyond Timetables and Reinforcement

Using fear, punishments or harshness are unhealthy ways of inculcating discipline into oneself or others. We can create crystal-clear activity logs or emotionally-charged posters to push us into a desirable course of action. While we can use these instruments to establish and strengthen practices, intellectual knowledge or emotional responses are inadequate to cultivate discipline.

There is a part deep within each of us that is beyond the mind, body and emotions. This can harmonise the other parts of ourselves and holds our deepest aspirations. Connect to it to invoke a gentle, strong and pure energy to transform yourself, achieve your goals and be the best version of yourself. When you act from this space consciously and allow the will and knowledge to unravel from here, discipline becomes a joyful experience that allows the inmost part of you to express itself.

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