As soon as you wake up, greet yourself with a cheerful ‘Good Morning’ and a smile. Spend two minutes on experiencing the joy of being alive, of waking up and being presented with a new opportunity to live. Aspire to make the best use of this opportunity.

Before going to sleep, wish yourself ‘Good Night’. Express gratitude for everything that you experienced from the food you ate to the conversations you had to the work you did. Spend two minutes with yourself before you sleep.

An important point to keep in mind is to not multitask during these minutes. Do not use your phone or any other device in these times. Focus on the feeling and the sensation.

This will make waking up and sleeping on time more joyful. You can experience the joy of discipline through these activities.

Revisiting Practice of the Week:

We saw how discipline can fan the flame of aspiration on this week’s Monday Mail.

Identify a routine activity that you wish to do for living your core aspiration. Try to practice it regularly. Notice a sense of fulfilment and a quiet inner joy as you make a conscious effort to work towards your aspiration. This will motivate you from deep within to further your efforts.

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