Whatever your work may be, discipline is indispensable for being efficient and productive. It is realised that work or life without discipline would soon become confusion and an anarchic failure.

Work is a good means of discipline, for if you want to do the work properly, you must become the work instead of being someone who works, otherwise, you will never do it well. If you remain "someone who works" and, besides, if your thoughts go vagabonding, then you may be sure that if you are handling fragile things they will break; if you are cooking you will burn something, or if you are playing a game, you will miss all the balls! It is here, in this, that work is a great discipline.

Revisiting Practice of the Week:

We started this week with an aspiration to clean a particular physical space in our homes at the same time every day. The intention is to do a short and simple task through which discipline can be cultivated.

Identify one or two more short and simple tasks which you can do regularly to enhance the space which you are cleaning. It can be beautifying your cleaned space with fresh flowers or taking a few more minutes to ensure that a larger space is organised.

Notice how this changes your inner state of being.

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