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The Freedom that Sincerity Brings

A sincere heart brings clarity and inner joy, and helps you persevere when circumstances are challenging.

If you feel uneasy, or the need to justify your feelings, words or actions to yourself or others, it is an indication that some insincerity is present. This doesn’t necessarily mean you have been telling lies, but it signals you are not being true to who you really are.

When your motivations are aligned to the truth of your being, this unease and unhappiness falls away. You no longer need others’ approval for what you say and do.

True Sincerity

Sincerity means the absence of pretence, deceit or hypocrisy. It goes beyond honesty, requiring earnestness in all you say and feel. It is when there is perfect alignment between one’s thoughts, feelings, words and actions.

Sincerity is not concerned with satisfying others – it is driven by our need to be true to our deepest self.

A sincere person is transparent. Their inner truth shines out from their eyes, just as with a perfect pane of glass, their light is able to travel without distortion.

Cultivating Sincerity

We can begin to notice the justifications we give to everything we believe, like and do. Then we can explore whether these beliefs, likings and actions take us closer to our inner truth or not.

This is difficult as some of our deceits will be deeply ingrained. It requires total honesty and courage. It can be uncomfortable to see our true motives. But if we explore with lightness we may find humour in the tricks our ego plays, along with valuable insights.

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Here Are Four Videos on Sincerity and Our Daily Lives:

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