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The Beauty of Beauty

Imagine that you’re running late for a meeting and find you missed your bus. You feel frustrated but then you notice a flower. Despite your hurry, something draws you to stop and gaze at it. Suddenly everything shifts. You experience deep joy and happiness. A feeling of harmony, satisfaction and pure delight.

Connecting with beauty helps nourish our spiritual growth. It awakens us to what is true and pure deep within. Turning towards beauty can widen our consciousness and bring lasting peace and happiness.

Recognising Beauty

Beauty is the way the divine expresses itself in the material world. It is seen as a perfection of form and felt as a living harmony. It is a calling to us from a higher realm.

Beauty does not just exist in the physical realm. There is also a beauty of the soul, of sentiments, of thoughts, of actions. If you go deeply enough you are able to perceive beauty behind everything. Every aspect of your life can be an expression of beauty.

Invoking Beauty

Beauty can be invoked in everyday life even by tiny activities like cleansing a physical space, lighting an incense or appreciating a flower. It need not involve something elaborate and expensive.

You can change the wallpaper of your phone or laptop to one of the beautiful floral images with quotes available here.

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Here Are Four Admirable Videos and One Recorded Session on Invoking Beauty:

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