There are situations in life when one is at crossroads and needs to make a decision. A few of these – education, line of work and other key life choices – are extremely crucial since they pave the way for one’s future and can have a significant impact on one’s life. At such times one may feel dragged in different directions. The mind may point towards what it perceives to be the most logical step. The identity or ego might suggest choosing an option that ensures maximum social security or even praise. Fear-driven or money-driven decisions are not uncommon. How can one take a decision in alignment with one’s core?

Connecting to the psychic element in oneself reveals the solutions to dilemmas in practical life, and guides one to take the decisions that can facilitate living one’s truth. Tune into the peace and silence of your psychic and listen intently to receive messages from your innermost self. The stronger your connection is with your psychic, the more quickly and easily it's messages will be revealed to you. To strengthen your psychic connection, you can practice concentrating on your heart centre, and consciously holding the intention to connect to it, every single moment. You can also practice the Tri-angels: Aspiration-Rejection-Surrender as discussed in the previous week.

It is also important to tune out other voices that can distort or even conceal the immense wisdom of your psychic. Some of these are:

·  Doubt (‘How can that be right?’)

·  Fear (‘What if I fail?’)

·  Lack of self-confidence (‘I don’t have the ability to do it’)

·  Mental resistance (‘That doesn’t fit in to my existing plan’)

Guidance from the psychic must not be confused with impulsive suggestions that can arise from other parts of the being. It is important to be patient, silent and receptive.

Your psychic is the true knower in you. To follow its messages, one needs to dismiss other unhelpful suggestions. The psychic is like a new dawn, illuminating and invigorating your mind and life.

Here is a short video on ‘Your Psychic Knows’ - a Reading by Tara Didi

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