Here is a method to seek clarity and guidance from your innermost self, especially when you are at crossroads or confused about your next step in a specific aspect of life. You can also use this method to establish and strengthen the connection with your psychic.

Give yourself ten to fifteen minutes to connect to your psychic. Sit in a quiet place, with a notebook and pen, and calm your mind by observing your natural breath. Let silence and peace envelop you. Connect to your psychic spark by concentrating on your heart centre. Do not rush into it. You can give your inner guide a name if you wish to. Once you feel a shift in your vibration as a result of connecting with your psychic, continuously hold the aspiration to stay connected and seek guidance.  Now begin writing:

“Dear <name of your inner guide>,

Can you please tell me <insert your question>?”

Now it is important to be patient, keep the connection strong and continue to concentrate on your heart centre. Switch off your mind for this exercise and surrender your hands to your psychic. Your hands will begin to write the words from your depths. Allow the writing to happen without intellectualising or analysing the process, or jumping to conclusions, or getting emotionally involved (positively or negatively) with the words. Imagine that you are listening to your psychic speak and merely recording what you hear.

As your surface energies, thoughts and emotions quieten, you will begin to receive suggestions. These suggestions need not necessarily be from the psychic; they can also be from other inner voices that slowly reveal themselves as you go beyond the surface. These voices may be products of long-term conditioning and spaces within you that you are not aware of. They can be quite convincing and intense. It is important to identify and ignore these voices, and go on listening more intently for the psychic’s messages.

There can also be a mixture of messages from the psychic and from other inner spaces. How does one discern between these other voices and the psychic? If the message is emotionally charged (either positively or negatively) or is quite assertive, it is likely that this is not from the psychic. The psychic spark reveals, expands, relaxes and illumines. It has an inherent quality of joy. If one continues to concentrate sincerely, discernment will happen.

You can ask multiple questions. Be receptive to the responses. Try to ask open-ended questions, instead of ‘this or that’ questions. You can repeat this exercise as and when you feel the need.

Invitation to Participate in “Develop Integrally” Summer School

To accelerate your “Integral Education” journey, to help you develop integrally, we are happy to invite you to The Summer School. Based on four of the Integral Education Modules - Beauty, Concentration, Discipline and Hatha Yoga, we have put together a one month course full of activities, practices, expert sessions, workshops, and sharing circles for you to benefit from. As long-term subscribers of the Integral Education Portal, we would like to invite you to participate in the Course. The course begins on 29th May, 2021 (Saturday), and thereafter there will be live sessions on Monday (8 - 9:30 PM), Wednesday (8 - 9:30 PM) and Sunday (10 - 11:30 AM).

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This course is organised by Swadharma alumni.

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