There is a misconception that meditation or a certain ritualistic practice is the only way to discover one’s psychic spark. This is not so. One can be in touch with one’s psychic even while performing the most mundane of activities. In fact when the intention and energy flow from this space, the mundane activity transforms into a purposeful, meaningful one of joy and brimming with life. So, what exactly must we do to establish a connection to our psychic being?

We invoke the following three angels at multiple points during the day, as frequently as possible, and live these moment-to-moment as much as possible

  • Aspiration: A conscious awakening of your will towards a certain action or quality; an energetic reminder of its purpose and contribution to your progress.
  • Rejection: Noticing and distancing oneself from unhealthy movements of the mind, emotions, ego, desires and body. For example, if you find yourself replaying a bad memory again and again, choose to end the loop.
  • Surrender: Offer yourself to something greater and vaster than yourself. It can be to a Guru or a Divine Being or to pure light. Establish a poise of self-giving in daily activities and routines.

Practice of the Week: Lighting Your Psychic Flame with a Lamp

Last week we created a sacred space for ourselves. This week let us enhance this space and our inner space by lighting a lamp here, at least once a day. You can choose a small brass lamp, add oil and a cotton wick, or use a small candle or tealight.

Once you sit in front of your lamp, take a moment and close your eyes. Connect to your psychic spark. It is perfectly fine if you don’t feel anything mystical. Hold the intention to do so. The inner poise of sacredness and sanctity is the key to this practice. Connect to your inmost self, hold the intention unwaveringly and light the lamp.

In the light of the Tri-angels which we discussed earlier, here are three keys to this practice:

  • Aspire to perform the activity of lighting a lamp from your innermost self, every time
  • Reject laziness, doubt and excuses for this tiny practice. When you feel a monotony creeping in after a few days, go back to the same inner space you had on the first day, feel your aspiration strengthening and use this strength to overcome any laziness
  • Surrender or offer your connection and experience to something vast or something you believe to be Divine

Once it is lit, see your own psychic spark reflected in the tiny flame. Stay with it for a few minutes while your own inner flame syncs with the outer flame.

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