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Your Psychic Being

Your Psychic Being is who you truly are. It is veiled beneath the surface, which is made up of the routine movements and natures of the mind, body, emotions, energy and senses. This part resides in the subtle, inner chambers of your heart centre, waiting to be discovered.

The Psychic Being can be your friend and guide when you find yourself at crossroads in life. It is the seat of faith, devotion, surrender and deep gratitude. This sanctum sanctorum is a space of silence, calmness, delight and harmony.

The Psychic Being stands for what is true, good and beautiful. It can purify and integrate the other parts of your being (the mind, body, emotions and energy) so that they work together harmoniously towards your highest purpose, instead of fighting with one another for their individual dominance.

The Power of the Psychic Being

The psychic being is a tiny seed that holds the potential to flower into a lovely tree. It can open a portal to an energy source much greater than you. The steady inspiration that flows from it can help you joyfully create and sustain good habits, which are required for your well-being and progress. The discerning light it radiates can guide you towards your purpose in life, and enable you to take the right decisions at the right time. It has an intuitive knowing and can guide you to what is best for you.

The Three Angels of Psychic Awakening

The best way of discovering your psychic being is through the moment-to-moment living of the following principles:

Aspiration: A conscious awakening of your will towards a certain action or quality; an energetic reminder of its purpose and contribution to your progress.

• Rejection: Noticing and distancing oneself from unhealthy movements of the mind, emotions, ego, desires and body. For example, if you find yourself replaying a bad memory again and again, choose to end the loop.

• Surrender: Offer yourself to something greater and vaster than yourself. It can be to a Guru or a Divine Being or to pure light. Establish a poise of self-giving in daily activities and routines.

The Path of the Psychic

The path your psychic being is made up of love, joy, beauty, peace and oneness. A melodious harmony of poetry, art and music is the perfect recipe for our soul’s education. These have the potential not only to purify our soul, but also allow a self-controlled expression, deepen the connection and bring in a sustained harmony within.

Poetry is an activity that elevates and evokes the emotion and imparts utmost delight. Art on the other hand is a tool that brings a stillness to the emotions. Music helps deepen the connection with delight and emotions.

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Here Are Four Videos That Can Help You Get in Touch with Your Psychic Being:

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