To help open your heart to the world it can be useful to connect with your inner child. Your inner child is the part within who retains the child’s innocence. Their heart still shines without reason.

Write a letter to your inner child about how you lost this sense of pure, joyful love. Ask the child to teach you how to love again. Ask for their help to unlock the forgotten chambers of your heart, to heal you.

Take your time writing the letter. Then place your hand on your heart (or belly) and read the letter to yourself.

Webinar on “Cultivating Love” with Divyanshi Chugh

Come, join us for a short conversation with Divyanshi Chugh on 27th February, 8:00-9:00 pm on Cultivating Love.

Registration Link :

Humility Practice group

What does it mean to be humble? Do you wish to cultivate humility?

Integral Education Portal is happy to invite all sincere aspirants to participate in the practice group on Humility in March-April 2021. By being a part of the group, you learn about and begin to practice the quality of Humility" through practice of the week, Sri Aurobindo and The Mother's quote of the day, and experiential sharings.

To join, simply click here and be a part of our WhatsApp group:

The link will be disabled on 28th Feb, 2021 00:01 IST, so join before that. All sincere aspirants are welcome 🌷

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