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Aspiration Empowers You

Finding and following your aspirations is an extremely rewarding process. Even the simplest or most mundane activities, when approached from the space of aspiration, can bring immense joy while doing the activities. One need not depend on or wait for completion or success (in terms of money or fame) to experience the joy of aspiration.

Aspiration empowers a person by giving the self-born will to progress on what they must do. A steady and sincere aspiration has the potential to dissolve fear of not being able to achieve something.

What does Aspiration feel like?

Aspiration is a steady, calm, quiet force that drives a person to put in effort towards something they wish to do. It is not an emotionally charged excitement that makes a person restless.

Aspiration is an inner call for an adventure. It is not a tool for achieving money, fame or success but a self-born evolutionary impulsion towards expressing your full potential

True and sincere aspiration is one that is not mixed with ego, fear or desire. Aspiration exists in each individual, veiled behind these three elements.

Aspiration motivates a person from deep within, independent of surface level emotional and mental ups and downs.

Identifying Your Aspiration

Aspiration is not something that you mentally construct, but something that already exists in the depths of your heart that can be consciously nurtured. The urge or understanding of aspiration is that nothing is too high.

Look deep within and accept your inmost calling. Acknowledge your specific aspiration without  mental justifications or analysis, emotional needs or the 'high' feeling which is associated with reward.

In addition to aspiration let there also be calm and peace and joy in the mind and heart, and a confidence that all will be done in its due time.

Challenges on the Path

The mind may say 'What is the point of this? It is not required'

The ego may say 'Why does it matter if it doesn't make me more popular?'

The body might say 'I am used to a certain routine for years. I can't add the aspiration practice now.'

Desire might say 'I hope to become rich and powerful after achieving this goal'.

Whenever you get such distracting statements, reject them. Focus on your aspiration and allow it to unfold.

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