We are now aware of the wonders that could be manifested by the power of pure emotions. This week, let us see how we can refine our emotions in a conscious attempt to turn all emotions towards the single source of light, towards the highest within ourselves.

We do not dry up the heart and try to be bereft of emotions. Instead we observe every emotion in us, we offer and give these emotions to the deepest part of us. It is the inner flame that it is holding us, it is impossible to do anything without it. To pick up an emotion and energetically giving it to the flame within. This should not be done as a severe discipline or a duty; it must be a movement of love and joy. This process surpasses the mental, analytical, rational layers we are otherwise dependent on. This simple childlike process is transformative, when we do it with an inner honesty, sincerity and an aspiration for progress.

Most times we happen to be at the surface of the emotional being and we simply stay there engulfed by the difficulties of the emotions that can come, but what has to be done is not to stay on the surface but go deep within. For the inner flame is there behind the emotional surface, deep behind the heart centre. Once one reaches it, these things can no longer touch; what will be there is the inner peace and happiness, the untroubled aspiration, the presence or nearness of the Universal Power within.

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