One of the simple ways of refining our emotions is through art. Giving space and time to develop a particular art be it music, poetry, dance, painting makes us touch something very deep which purifies our emotions. The energies of our emotional centre is given a channel to express itself. Thus emotions that pull us down like fear, anger, anxiety etc tend to slowly lose its grip on us.

We can choose an art form we are getting drawn to give ourselves to the process of learning it. In the course of this journey we will capture the true joy behind the art form (rasa) and make it penetrate our being. We can make ourselves more receptive to the source of inspiration and allow it to flow through us.

Often we engage with an art form, from the lens of perfecting it outwardly. But here we are talking about using art as a process of self-expression and evolution. It is true that outer perfection itself helps in inner evolution, but it must come as a natural and organic byproduct of a deeper inner growth and self-expression through art.

In simple words, here we are looking at art not as something meant for a performance and self-aggrandisation, but something that is simply a tool for processing one's emotions and refining them.  Many times, people do not touch painting or poetry or dancing, thinking, “I am not a dancer or an artist, how can I think of engaging with it.” But it is not about being an artist here. It is like one does not need to be a writer to write a journal at the end of a day. Similarly, one does not need to be an artist, to make zentangles, paint, dance, write poetry, colour mandalas. Art is merely used as a medium of release and ascension.

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