Imagine that you are standing on the shores of a beach. The shore exists on both sides as far as you can see. There is a gentle breeze that is playing on the ocean, like an angel playing the harp, creating waves of joy. The music of the water on land, birds in the sky and wind in the air is like a symphony that can rejuvenate a weary mind and heal a broken heart. The sky is happily blue, the Sun is comfortably warm, and its golden light is embracing every inch of this lovely sight. This is your happy place. You can come here to heal, to clear your headspace, to find answers and find yourself. This space exists within you – it represents a ray of pure light stemming from your deepest core, which lies veiled beneath the surface emotions, thoughts and energies.

You are made up of different parts like the mind, senses, emotional space, desires, sense of identity etc. If each of these are like individual musical instruments in a concert, the psychic spark is like the conductor. It can guide each and every instrument or part of being in a way that brings harmony between the various parts, so that together they can make life a beautiful symphony. This conductor lies hidden deep within us. With consistent and conscious connection to this spark, we will begin to receive more and more guidance.

Connecting to your growing soul within is a joyful and fruitful experience. The infinite love from your psychic being has the power to heal the wounds in the emotional centre. The steady inspiration that flows from it can help you joyfully create and sustain good habits, which are required for your well-being and progress. The discerning light it radiates can guide you towards your purpose in life, and enable you to take the right decisions at the right time. It can give you clarity and a much-needed break from the noisy mind that is fed by fear and ego.

The psychic being is where pure delight of life, unstained by petty desires and urges, reside. Connecting to the psychic being will help you appreciate the beauty, goodness, and deep connection between all things, renewing and strengthening your faith in something greater than you and restore the natural, child-like tendency of surrender and gratitude. Connecting to your psychic being enables you to feel at one with your surroundings, your life’s purpose and with the Universe at large.

The psychic spark within you can bring a love that is Divine. It can open a portal to an energy source much greater than you and holds the strength to help you overcome and gain mastery over your core nature. It has an intuitive knowing and can guide you to what is best for you. It has the ability to purify your parts of being, enabling them to function at their best. The psychic is a tiny seed that holds the potential to flower into a lovely tree.

Here is a short video on “Psychic Being: The Three Doorways” by Divyanshi.

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