Read the following few lines of poetry. Read it for the experience; it is perfectly alright if you do not understand it.

Her kindly care was a sweet, temperate Sun

Her passion a blue heaven’s equipoise.

As might a soul fly like a hunted bird,

Escaping with tired wings from a world of storms,

And a quiet reach like a remembered breast,

In a haven of safety and splendid soft repose

One could drink life back in streams of honey-fire

Recover the lost habit of happiness,

Feel her bright nature’s glorious ambience,

And preen joy in her warmth and colour’s rule.

A deep of compassion, a hushed sanctuary,

Her inward help unbarred a gate in heaven;

Love in her was wider than the universe,

The whole world could take refuge in her single heart

Notice how you feel. Connect with it. If you feel like it, you can write it down and place it such that it is frequently in your line of sight.

Practice of the Week: Building Your Sacred Space

Create a space in your home, exclusively for yourself. This can be a small, quiet corner where you place a specific mat, light a lamp and sit in silence. You can place a small object that connects you to a deep space of joy, silence, love, peace or harmony within you. Some examples of these objects are:·        

-Flowers or a flower mandala (as mentioned in Week 1)

-An image that represents purity and light to you – it can be a photo or idol of a Guru or God you believe in, or it can be of a place like the Golden Temple in Amritsar

-A painting or drawing or other artwork that holds the essence of something deeper, something Divine

-Anything that is sacred to you. For example, if you feel that singing connects you to something much greater than you and you feel a deep sense of union, love and peace when you sing, you can create a special spot for your Shruti box (Indian music tuner) and your music notes. After singing you can sit in silence with your music for a few minutes and absorb that feeling.

Creating a space, making it sacred by adding physical objects that touch your psychic, and strengthening both this outer and your inner space by sitting in this silent, peaceful, joyful zone can aid in unveiling and discovering your psychic being.

Here is an example of a sacred space set up by Surya.

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