Uniting with one's Psychic Being is not a solemn, serious activity that can be achieved only in one or two ways. Bringing the Psychic Being to the forefront can happen through simple activities that embody goodness, truth or beauty.

Connecting to flowers is a lovely way to connect to your psychic being. Flowers have an innate calmness and beauty. They hold the psychic vibration of the vegetable kingdom. Each type of flower has specific qualities that can heal us. Life must blossom like a flower, offering itself to something greater.

Practice of the Week: Create a Flower Mandala

Let us create a joyful flower mandala (circular flower arrangement). Try to purchase locally available flowers or collect those that grow in or near your home. Choose any flower or combination of flowers that you like. Appreciate their colour, shape and beauty. You can add leaves, blades of grass, smooth pebbles and anything else which you feel is beautiful. Using the materials you have gathered, create a mandala or arrangement in any way that you like. Do it consciously and joyously. Notice how you feel towards the end of the activity. Record your experience in a few lines. Above are two pictures of flower mandalas for inspiration.

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