We saw that the key to cultivating sincerity is to look within ourselves in an honest, direct way. We can begin this journey with a very simple practice.

Simply ask yourself ‘Why am I doing this practice? Why do I want to cultivate sincerity?’ See what your answer is.

Spend time to reflect on your answer. Contemplate whether that is the whole truth or whether there is something behind it. Be fully honest.

What do you really want from this practice? Are you wholehearted in your spiritual journey or does part of you want to be less stressed, or more successful at work, or to be respected for your spiritual prowess?

Let go of any urge to judge yourself as a ‘bad person’ for discovering any motivations driven by desire or fear. The first step is simply to see what is there, and how you have been deceiving yourself.

Here is a 6 minute video on “Two Practices to be Sincere” by Shivakumar

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