Last week we attempted to experience aspiration. Now let us give it a physical form.

Sit in your room/undisturbed space and have a paper, pen, pencil, colours and some of your favourite stationery ready in front of you. Now close your eyes and focus on your aspiration. Place it in the centre of your chest and allow it to fit perfectly into your being, like the missing peace of a puzzle. Absorb this feeling. Now represent your aspiration physically by writing, drawing, colouring, painting or some other method of creating a visual representation of your aspiration. Do not intellectualise the process; do not think or evaluate or rationalise. Do not ask yourself if it is good enough or compare it with something else. Whatever you do, never forget the goal which you have set before you. Once you complete it, keep it in a safe and accessible place. You can use this artwork to invoke your aspiration regularly.

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