A magic leverage suddenly is caught

That moves the veiled Ineffable’s timeless will:

A prayer, a master act, a king idea

Can link man’s strength to a transcendent Force.

(From Savitri)

Aspiration is not something that you mentally construct, but something that already exists in the depths of your heart that can be consciously nurtured..

The urge or understanding of aspiration is that nothing is too high.

Look deep within and accept your inmost calling. Acknowledge  your specific aspiration without  mental justifications or analysis, emotional needs or the 'high' feeling which is associated with reward.

Unite with what you aspire for. Do not view it as a mere milestone. Rather, see it as something that you live and breathe. Not as an obsession which controls your mind and energies, but as something that awakens your soul.

There are those who have no aspiration, they try and they cannot aspire; it is because they do not have the flame of the will, it is because they do not have the flame of humility. Both are needed for aspiring.

In addition to aspiration let there also be calm and peace and joy in the mind and heart, and a confidence that all will be done in its due time.

Invoking Aspiration, A 7 Minute Video By Dr. Sampadananda Mishra.

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