Have you felt a gentle tug, a quiet nudge to pursue something that brings out some goodness in you and fills you with a calm happiness? This is aspiration.

Aspiration is a steady, calm, quiet force that drives a person to put in effort towards something they wish to do. It is not an emotionally charged excitement that makes a person restless.

Aspiration is an inner call for an adventure. It is not a tool for achieving money, fame or success but a self-born evolutionary impulsion towards expressing your full potential

True and sincere aspiration is one that is not mixed with ego, fear or desire. Aspiration exists in each individual, veiled behind these three elements.

Aspiration motivates a person from deep within, independent of surface level emotional and mental ups and downs.

Aspiration brings great joy to one who pursues it. Since it is not tied to the outcome, one can experience a deep sense of fulfillment in its truest sense.

Aspiration is like a flame that can dispel the darkness of lack of direction or lack confidence.

What is Aspiration? A 6-minute video by Dr. Sampadananda Mishra

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