Last week we gave our aspiration a physical form. Let us now invoke that energy and translate the pure energy into material action. Sit in a quiet place with your aspiration art. Connect to it and feel the strength of your aspiration. Visualise yourself doing something towards this aspiration. Try not to intellectualise the process; allow it to emerge naturally. What is this ‘something that you are doing’?

To live our aspiration, we need to follow a path of dedicated hard work regularly. This path is defined by habits, discipline and routines. We need to identify helpful patterns and follow them.

For example, if your aspiration is to improve the flexibility of your body, you need to do certain exercises everyday. If you want to write a book, you must sit and work on it frequently. If you want to improve a skill, you must practice regularly. What is this practice for you?

Create a habits chart for your personal aspiration. Have clear, objective bullet points such as:

  • Practice 15 minutes of singing
  • Avoid cold, canned food
  • Have lemon water with honey

As mentioned earlier, when you act from a space of aspiration, these will not be a drudgery, but a joy. Place this habits chart next to your aspiration art .

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