Many of us may make promises to ourselves to eat healthier, go to the gym or another activity towards one of our goals. It is exciting in the beginning when the determination is high but it soon fizzles out. What can be done to ensure that this doesn't happen?

Aspiration has to be a constant and steady state. Any doubts or wavering of the mind or emotions need to be discarded.

The mind may say:

'What is the point of this?'

'It is not required'

The ego may say:

'Why does it matter if it doesn't make me more popular?'

The body might say:

'I am used to a certain routine for years. I can't add the aspiration practice now.'

Desire might say:

'I hope to become rich and powerful after achieving this goal'.

It is important to do away with all of these. Whenever you get such distracting statements, throw them away. Focus on your aspiration and allow it to unfold.

Take a baby step towards your aspiration. Often we follow an ‘all or nothing’ approach, meaning that we either give something 100% or we do not do it at all. Rather than doing 100% once in a fortnight, it is better to do 20% every day. Start small, rejoice the minor victories of your aspiration over the other voices and inspire others by sharing about your journey. Healthy sharing can strengthen the aspiration of others on your path, and can also inspire you to keep going.

A 10 minute Meditative Talk by Manoj Pavithran on the Flame Aspiration.

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