We are delighted to share that we have completely reinvented the Swadharma course for online learning. Due to the current circumstances, we had cancelled both the July 2020 and Jan 2021 batches of Swadharma. But having seen the increasing psychological challenges the youth are facing we have realised that the Swadharma course is even more crucial than ever before to enable youth to find their inner foundation and chart their own self-directed lifelong learning.

Having gained considerable experience and success in conducting online transformative courses over the last 3 years and growing our community, we have now relaunched Swadharma as an online course.

One of the great advantages of this new orientation is the possibility of bringing in the transformative process into the student's own living context which can be easier to take forward after the course. At the same time, they can master the art of working together as teams in the online environment which has become a basic skill for the emerging future. Leveraging the power of learning together as a community and finding your learning tribe is another crucial factor for the future where continuous real-time learning is the way forward. Also, this has brought down the costs considerably.

Overall, we are very happy to launch Swadharma online for the youth of the world who need support in finding their true calling in these challenging times.

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Thank you for your support.

Apply now at www.swadharma.auroville.org

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