Last week we saw it is in our nature to deceive ourselves, but the good news is that we can cultivate sincerity.

First we can notice the justifications we give to everything we believe, like and do. Then we can explore whether these beliefs, likings and actions take us closer to our inner truth or not.

This is difficult as some of our deceits will be deeply ingrained. It requires total honesty and courage. It can be uncomfortable to see our true motives. But if we explore with lightness we may find humour in the tricks our ego plays, along with valuable insights.

Only when we have this awareness can we work to reject any desires, preferences or attachments that take us away from our inner truth.

Sincerity is a lifelong journey requiring sustained effort. We should always aspire to go deeper because even the brightest minds have hidden corners.

Here is an 8 minute video on “How to be Sincere?” by Shivakumar

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