We have seen that gratitude is the source of the purest delight. How do we practice gratitude?

More often than not, people focus on what they want but do not have at a given moment. Once they receive what they want, they are happy and grateful for a few moments and then focus on what they want next. This is the constant preoccupation of one’s outer nature. When you observe this happening in yourself, shift the focus to counting your blessings. When you pray or indulge in wishful thinking, try saying ‘I am deeply grateful for ……..’ rather than ‘please grant me ……..’.

When we talk about expressing gratitude, we usually do it for our health, money, people or opportunities. If we widen our view to include even seemingly minor things, our life will feel more enriched. For example, the smell of rain, a cool breeze that rustles some leaves ever so gently that it looks like they are dancing gracefully, the colour of the sky and elements of beauty in our physical surroundings. Taking a moment to appreciate these will make us more joyful and mindful.

Gratitude can be practiced for everything. The more you feel grateful, the more joyful you will be.

Here is a 4 minute video for you

Practice for the Week

Go to your kitchen, pick an empty jam glass bottle (or something similar) and make it your Gratitude jar. Make it beautiful if you like and put it next to your bed. Before going to sleep put a gratitude note in it. Preferably do this every day or at least 5 times during the week.

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