Last week we learned that gratitude can help us feel happier. But what exactly is gratitude?

A Master once said “I have received hundreds of letters from people thanking me because they had been saved from some difficult situations; but it is very rarely that someone writes to thank me because nothing has happened.”

Seldom do we realise how blessed we are unless something bad happens. Even if we are not aware of it, there is divine wisdom that guides even what appears to be an average, uneventful day. Gratitude is an acknowledgement of the Grace that seeps into our lives and is with us at all times.

Gratitude is a loving and humble recognition of all that has happened and is happening to you. It is bowing down and being thankful for everything in your life, without seeing them as good or bad.

Gratitude does not arise from the mind. It is a feeling from deep within you that makes you blossom; it opens your heart and increases your receptivity.

Gratitude is not merely a passive acceptance of things as they are but a gladness that they are the way they are. This makes it much easier to cope with situations.

Watch a 3 minute video

Practice for the week

Hold a gratitude circle over dinner where each one shares what they were grateful for throughout the day!

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