Gratitude can facilitate and strengthen the connection between your inner being and various parts of your outer being such as your sensory perception, thoughts, emotions and physical body. For example, feeling grateful for the scent of an incense or for a particular idea striking you or for a body part for being strong and supporting you can establish or strengthen the connection between the real ‘you’ and these parts of you, cleansing and healing them in the process.

When we feel hurt or pain, the immediate response in most people is to feel negatively such as anger, resentment, guilt, hopelessness, anxiety or frustration. If you consciously replace this negativity with gratitude, your positive response can turn around the situation.

The next time you encounter something that you feel is negative, try expressing your gratitude to it. It can even be a small bruise on your finger. Try saying ‘Thank you for bringing attention to this part of my body. I appreciate my finger for facilitating my routine activities and being there for me at all times, helping me in various activities. Thank you so much!’

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