The psychic being is a part of you that holds the key to unlocking your immense potential to unify your different parts, to enable you to live a life that is purposeful and joyful. Over the past two weeks, we have seen what exactly it is and how it can change one’s life for the better. But how does one begin to initiate and sense the emergence of glimpses from one’s psychic?

The psychic can be gently awakened by constantly following the gentle impulsions towards truth, goodness and beauty. These sound very pleasing in theory. However it requires active intention, attention and effort in order to live these movements in our daily lives. Keenly observing and detecting spaces in ourselves for improvement, and making a conscious effort to purify ourselves in everyday life is a difficult step that is essential to bring oneself closer to the emergence of his or her psychic spark. Such a transformation can be seen in one’s outer life by oneself. For example, if you are able to grow above your dislike for a particular person, and not be biased in your interactions with them, it is a reflection of the beginning of your evolution. This involves patience and commitment.  Similarly, choosing to be truthful and not making up little white lies, is a choice that may be difficult. Nevertheless it allows your authenticity to shine, and you become closer to your inmost self.

Setting aside a dedicated quiet time for discovering your psychic spark, and using that time to concentrate on your heart centre, with a strong intention to go deep inside, is one way of beginning to receive sparks from the psychic. It is important to not expect or imagine anything and hold the intention steadily, while gathering all the divergent rays of your focus into one point – the centre of your heart, the seat of your spark. Doing this for a few minutes at a time, at different times during the day is extremely beneficial.

A daily practice for an hour will not suffice if the remaining 23 hours in a day are spent unconsciously on falsehood, ego-boosting and chasing harmful desires. A moment-to-moment aspiration to unite with the psychic being, a constant remembrance of your innermost self and a commitment to choose truth, goodness and beauty every single day will establish, strengthen and pave way for the voice of your soul to express itself through your life.

Here is a short video on “Practices to Get in Touch with the Psychic” by Divyanshi.

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