We have seen earlier how our innermost guide is the purest and truest guide that can hold our hands and help navigate any given circumstance and situation encountered. This week, we will see how we can discover this innermost truth or the psychic power in action that has the greatest possibility and power. This indeed lies at the heart of Integral Yoga - the discovery of the inmost being; the discovery of the psychic spark, and let it lead us on our path of sadhana.

To get in touch with it, allow it to shine its soft rays on our other parts, and thereby transform our lives is the most fulfilling way of living a consciously created life for ourselves. In order to get in touch with it and refine it, there are three simple tools that are suggested by Sri Aurobindo – poetry, music and art for soul’s education.

Poetry is an activity that elevates and evokes the emotion and imparts utmost delight. It heightens the expression and experience of delight.

Art on the other hand is a tool that brings a stillness to the emotions. In the process, we learn the delight of limited satisfaction that evokes a deeper sense of stillness and restraint. Painting is one of the easiest arts to engage with, it imparts an unparalleled joy with the engagement with a splash of colours and holds hands of both the soul and the senses to harmonize.

Music helps deepen the connection with delight and emotions. Music also helps bring in harmony between all the emotions that exist within us from a space of purest innermost knowledge.

Deep inside of us lies a gem, hidden beneath the incessant waves of thoughts, emotions and energies on the surface. Its radiance has the potential to transform our lives. The path to this space is made up of love, joy, beauty, peace and oneness. A melodious harmony of these three tools of poetry, art and music is the perfect recipe for our soul’s education. These have the potential not only to purify our soul, but also allow a self-controlled expression, deepen the connection and bring in a sustained harmony within.

Join us for a complimentary session on conscious painting

Integral Education Portal is offering a complimentary live session of connecting to your psychic spark through painting and music. Join us on the 6th of June to experience the connection with your inmost self.

Please note that this session is registration based, please follow this link to register now: https://us02web.zoom.us/meeting/register/tZ0qd-GsqzkoHNTxe4VVi4_FkrN7cLDO_L0o

Note: Registration closes by Friday, 4th June.

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