On Monday, we learnt about the three gateways to psychic refinement. The practice of this week will help put this into action, which is indeed a gift to each one who can pursue it for themselves.

Begin with creating a quiet and clean space and time to connect to your deepest self. Collect the following instruments that would help you go deeper within:

  • Colours (Paints, oil pastels, crayons, pencil colours or other colouring material)
  • A paper or canvas
  • Laptop / Mobile to play this music video:

Start by playing the music shared above. The music is a 21-minute organ music video called “Joy”, played by The Mother herself. You will see a couple of lines from Savitri - which is a poetry written by Sri Aurobindo, one of his greatest gifts to humanity. The book embodies the transformative power of integral yoga. These words, even as we might not mentally understand them, simply tune into the energy and conscious force behind these words which are really potent and transformative. Also notice the lotus in the video clip. Concentrate and go deeper into the music, the words and the lotus picture.

As you concentrate in silence and let the three soak in, you would notice that the mind’s chatter would go away. Of these three elements of music, words from Savitri or the lotus picture, whatever evokes something within, simply paint it and put it on paper with full concentration. This painting could just be the essence of the feeling evoked within you or an expression of your deepest essence. Allow the colours to flow through you without the mind’s influence of structure or preference, but just a free flow from your deepest place within. Soak in this experience completely.

We would love to witness your experiences and paintings, please do share them with us on ieadmin@auroville.org.in.

Complimentary workshop to delve deeper into the process of Savitri Painting

As part of this week’s practice, Integral Education Portal is offering a complimentary live session of connecting to your psychic spark through painting and music. Join us on the 6th of June to experience the connection with your inmost self.

Savitri Painting in essence is painting one’s deepest essence; painting one’s truest essence of the soul. It allows our sensory faculties to flow and express everything through an unhindered expression. There is a special attention to bringing together poetry, music and art to offer a tool that has the potential for transformation.

Here is a short introduction video to know more about Savitri Painting: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-Wp-cJBhRmM

Please note that this session is registration based, please follow this link to register now: https://us02web.zoom.us/meeting/register/tZ0qd-GsqzkoHNTxe4VVi4_FkrN7cLDO_L0o

Note: Registration closes by Friday, 4th June, 2021.

Theme for next month

Happy to share that the theme of the newsletters for next months would be Hatha Yoga, where we will practice holding postures every week, and use it as an instrument to connect to and refine our physical, emotions and mind.

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