The food that we eat directly impacts our health and well-being. However the lifestyle that many of us lead does not facilitate healthy eating. Due to lack of time and energy, we end up eating whatever is available, convenient or cheap. Over time, we get accustomed to this and enjoy it, without paying heed to the harm it causes. From High Blood Pressure to Diabetes to Polycystic Ovaries, few of the most common ailments are due to consumption of unhealthy food. This also impacts our mind and emotions. It is therefore important to ensure that we eat nutritious food, which is as fresh as possible. We saw what unhealthy food to replace with what healthy food on Monday. Today we are sharing a once-a-week practice, which if practiced everyday, can do wonders.

Mid-week Practice: One Healthy Day a Week

Master your nutrition and health starting with one healthy day a week. Choose one day of the week during which you will only eat healthy, highly nutritious foods.Look forward to this day of the week by exploring healthy alternatives to your favourite foods including interesting and healthy sweets. Look up recipes to try, plan ahead and enjoy wholesome and delicious meals and various herbal beverages on this day of the week. Avoid junk food, spicy dishes, fried snacks, ready-to-eats, soft drinks, packaged foods, anything with white sugar, preservatives, old food and anything unhealthy. Gradually increase the frequency from once a week to twice a week and so on, until you have completely embraced healthy eating.

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