Consider these situations:

A child is playing with her toys enthusiastically. As soon as its mother asks her to put away her toys and clean up she suddenly feels lethargic to do it.

An elderly man who loves sweets is trying to adopt a healthier food pattern to improve his health. But then a feeling arises. “I am going to live only for a few more years. Let me eat whatever I desire. There is no need to give up these pleasures of life.”

A person begins to practice a particular mental exercise to improve his concentration. After a few times, doubt creeps in. “Where is the proof that this exercise works? What if I am wasting my time? Unless and until a doctor or psychologist or organisation has approved this exercise I will not do it anymore.”

These are examples of the body, vital and mind resisting discipline, resisting change. They want their own nature to prevail.

How do we overcome them? Begin by observing these resistances. Revisit the Monday Mail to know more.

Revisiting the Practice of the Week:

On Monday we looked at observing and recording the distractions that arise while we try to discipline ourselves. Look at these distractions. Use this record to become more aware of your distractions and do not allow them to hamper your progress. Continue your chosen activities for cultivating discipline.

The same applies to healthy eating. Note down what you eat without judging. Be honest with yourself. Notice the foods that you are weak for. Notice your emotional state and energy when you reach out for foods that you feel you shouldn’t consume.

We can start by being disciplined for one meal a day and then one entire day a week and twice a week and increase it such that the number of healthy meals keeps increasing and the unconscious/cheat meals decrease.

A Gift for You!

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