Last week we converted our raw aspiration into actions for us to practice, by creating a habits chart. How consistent have you been with practicing them?

When we first discover our aspiration and put it into practice, we also discover energies within us that facilitate our journey. However, over a period of time, we may get disconnected from this source. This happens because practices become mere mechanical actions. The internal push to live our aspirations may die out.

At such times, it is important to consciously invoke our aspiration as we practice our habits. Remind yourself why the practice is important to you and reconnect with your core. Invoke the same energy that you first discovered and allow it to guide your practices. This way you will be fanning the flame of aspiration while practicing, and the inspiration can sustain and intensify.

Facebook Live Conversation

In case you missed our Facebook live conversation with Dr Sampadananda Mishra on Aspiration, the Agni, sharing the video link :

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